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The History of Duffy Box & Recycling

How did Duffy Box & Recycling grow, organically, from a pick up truck in Paterson, New Jersey to one of the largest used box dealers and recyclers in the country?

Work hard, Stay humble. Keep it simple.
And always focus on the client first.

This is the 93 year story of exceptional people providing extraordinary service to remarkable clients.


Survival breeds innovation. In the middle of a devastating depression, FP Duffy refurbishes & resells wooden textile crates.


A family business is born. A proud F.P. brings his son aboard. Frederick Duffy makes an immediate impact using his progressive sales skills. Sadly, due to his untimely death in 1942, we never see his full potential.


James Moran marries Mary Duffy & joins the company after he returns home from the war.


During the Korean War, F.P. builds a warehouse on 2nd Ave in Paterson, NJ. Duffy Box exists in that building until 1986.


James Moran takes over at the helm as President. Sons Frederick Duffy Moran & James Moran II both join the team as the family tradition continues.


Frederick Duffy Moran leads the era of innovation and expansion. He transforms Duffy Box from a local recycler for small businesses into a regional service provider for Fortune 500 corporations.


Frederick’s sons start learning the business by sorting boxes.


On college break the sons start loading, driving, & unloading the trucks.  Duffy Box starts selling baled scrap cardboard to be recycled.


James Moran invests his life savings in the future and builds a facility in Lincoln Park, NJ which is still operational today.


The sons graduate from college and go to work growing the family business.  The decision is made to start investing in a fleet of 18 wheeler trucks.


Duffy Box makes it’s first expansion opening south of New Jersey in Taneytown, MD


Duffy Box & Recycling opens in Greensboro, NC & starts servicing companies as a full service recycling provider.


Duffy Box’s 4th distribution center opens in the Chicago, IL area.


Duffy Box’s 5th distribution center opens in the St. Louis, MO area.


Growth accelerates as companies realize the Duffy Box Program is a win-win for them both monetarily & environmentally.

Since 1930 we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs while delivering exceptional service to our clients and community. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

Today's Leadership

We have been in the recycling business all of our lives. As our company continues to grow, we strive for innovative solutions in technological implementation as well as personal relationships. This is who we are and what we do. We look forward to doing business with you.

Frederick Duffy Moran


Fred has over 55 years experience in the recycling/refuse industry, and is responsible for the company’s longevity and success as he transitioned Duffy Box from a local recycler for small businesses into a regional service provider for Fortune 500 corporations. Fred has been instrumental in passing on to his sons the values, ethics and skills necessary to prepare Duffy Box for the next wave of industry changes and the long-term vision of becoming a national service provider for Duffy Box’s existing customer base and beyond.

Brian C. Moran

Managing Partner/Director of Southeast

Brian graduated University of Rhode Island in 1991 with a major in Consumer Affairs and a concentration in Finance. Brian moved to North Carolina in 2006 after 15 years of helping grow our New Jersey operation. He is responsible for the regional growth not only in the Southeast, but all of our locations. Customer Service and maintaining long term relationships are 2 of his primary objectives when doing business with both our supply and sales accounts.

Frederick James Moran

Managing Partner/Director of Northeast

Fred has been with Duffy Box since 1985. His responsibilities are directing all aspects of our internal fleet, outsourced transportation, warehouse operations and developing/maintaining all client relationships (customer service) for those accounts serviced through our Lincoln Park, NJ Reclamation/Distribution Center. Fred’s experience in MHE, baling equipment and the fleet allows Fred to serve as the Director of Capital Procurement for all Team Duffy Box locations as well.

Fain Moran

Managing Partner/Director of Mid-Atlantic

Fain has been with Duffy Box since 1996 after graduating from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management. Fain was instrumental in the expansion strategy for the company when the MD site unfolded. Fain supports the company’s sales/marketing duties as manager of our national accounts for supply and sales. Other responsibilities are directing our zero waste program, developing/maintaining client relationships, facilitating new business developments as well as shared responsibilities for his region. When not working Fain enjoys hunting, fishing, rugby, golf and coaching football and baseball for 2 sons teams.

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