Let Duffy Box Pay for your
Used Boxes and other
Recyclable Commodities

Duffy Box & Recycling specifically recycles for industrial manufacturing facilities. We pay top dollar for what most companies refer to as waste paper and recyclables.

Duffy Box will provide a free recyclable commodities audit and production evaluation. Upon touring your facility, we will provide customized recommendations based on your set up, industry and number of employees. We will determine the best plan to handle your current recyclable commodities and explore steps to achieve a goal of ZERO WASTE.

We tailor our services around each individual facilities specific needs. Each facility has its own unique goals and challenges to achieve them. Duffy Box will adjust our program to solve those challenges and achieve those goals. Duffy Box can service for re-usable boxes, plastics, waste paper, metals and much more. It’s completely up to you to decide whether you want a full service recycling provider or just utilize our box re-use model. Either way, WE CAN HANDLE IT.

Our Customized Service Includes:

The purchase of good used cartons

Equipment Sales/Upgrades/Repairs

The purchase or recyclable cardboard & other waste papers

Zero Waste Solutions

The purchase of plastics & other recyclables

Duffy Box tracks your savings as well as your monthly, quarterly, & yearly environmental footprint data.

State of the Art

Duffy Box can place state-of-the-art industrial recycling equipment and trailers as needed. A Duffy Box representative will work with your budget and address your immediate needs. We make sure all your equipment is up to date and in compliance while creating an overall plan for maximizing the value of your recyclables. We will provide a safety plan and classes are available as well. We will assist your facility every step of the way. If you do not have a budget, we can tailor a program and let the recycling program we develop pay for the equipment costs.

Industrial Recycling Machines We Commonly Place

Vertical Balers (commonly seen in grocery stores).

Industrial Grade Vertical Balers for better compaction, higher weights, and greater material versatility.

Horizontal Balers for higher volume production facilities.

Chippers/Shredders/Augers to capture multiple types of recyclables.

Wash/Rinse Systems for dirty plastics.

Our Trailers for the storage of your recyclables, so you don’t have to waste your valuable warehouse space.

“Having the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies, we have become experts in analyzing the needs of our customers while implementing an income generating program.”

– Fred Moran

We Own the Fleet

Our Fleet of Trucks for Used Boxes

This is an added benefit that makes our customer service better than the rest. Our combined fleet has over 200 trailers that are owned and operated, by Duffy Box. This ensures that each and every customer receives the very best in professionalism and service by our personnel. As part of our fleet profile, the average length of employment of all of our drivers is over 21 years. We take pride in the fact that our employees care enough to deliver a better, faster, more efficient service than our competition.

The Duffy Box Difference is In the Results



Duffy Box saves you money while you become a more socially conscious company.


You will obtain a reduction in solid waste expenses by removing recyclables from the trash.



You will see an increase in revenue and decrease in labor costs due to breaking out and identifying reusable items.


You will be doubling your company’s environmental benefits by reusing cardboard boxes rather than baling or compacting.


You will be able to consolidate multiple vendors down to one.
Reporting and Experience


You will arrive at a single stream reporting process.

Duffy Box & Recycling is committed to the principles of recycling.

In our 94 years of customer service and industry advancement we have figured out how to save our customers money while conserving our natural resources by saving trees and water, reducing landfill, lowering energy consumption and minimizing pollution.

Let's Partner in Making the World a Better Place

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